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I was very impressed with the list of available 2.0 tools on 101 Resources. I explored Flickr and found it extremely easy to upload photos. This is a great tool for sharing photos with your friends, although you have to invite friends to join the site in order to view your photos. I remember being a bit put off when a friend asked me to join because I had to sign up for my own account. This is pretty standard, though, in the world of internet photo sharing.

The other tool I investigated was Twitter. I find that site a little confounding. I am just a follower at the moment, so I can read what others have written, but I can’t comment on their accounts unless the invite me to join. I am having more difficulty seeing the value in this tool. It seems a little like a popularity club and I’m having flashbacks to middle school! I will continue to investigate it’s uses.

There were about a dozen other tools that I plan on exploring. I have been wanting to understand voicethread, so that is probably my next stop. I really appreciate how well organized this site was – very descriptive and easy to use. Two thumbs up!

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  1. Hi Erin,

    I’m also going to check out FlickR. I know what you mean about having to sign up for all these sites, but once we started doing it in class, it doesn’t seem so bad. I’m excited about the possibility of using FlickR with my students to have them find photographs that inspire them and as a means to get them to think more critically about photographs to develop their visual literacy. Wasn’t the Design Matters video we watched this morning cool?


  2. I really enjoyed that video too. It make me think of many ways to teach this concept to students. The video brings out my inner art teacher, just waiting to emerge one day….

  3. Erin,
    I agree that the site is well set up and very helpful. I also explored twitter and decided to come back to it later when I knew more. Your comments about it feeling a bit like a middle school popularity contest made me smile. I was reading someone’s blog who was talking about someone else who was “just twittering around to all who would listen.” When I read this and the feeling of hostility that seemed to drive it I too thought about popularity contests and middle school level sniping. I did very much enjoy the resources site and plan to spend many more hours there this summer trying things out.
    PS – I like your lego guy.

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