Two Blogs Reviewed

I reviewed “The Thinking Stick” which posted a rather scathing review of the recent NECC conference. “Scathing” might be a bit harsh, but Jeff Utech describes overcrowding and a lack of planning for making an uncomfortable experience (participants literally dashing to the next gig to make sure they could get in). I really liked the button features on the upper right hand side of the blog. The buttons provide links to other sites. I must learn how to do that to enhance my own blog site. It makes mine veritably boring in comparison.

Also reviewed was “The Fischbowl”. The most recent blog entry also mentions the recent NECC conference and it’s lack of ability to impress. The post sounds a little disheartened, but I can relate to the powerlessness I feel in being able to make real change working in part of a larger and seemingly ineffective system. Especially when it comes to adopting some of these highly effective technology strategies in the classroom. I thought both of the blogs were interesting, but the Thinking Stick was more appealing. I would consider reviewing it again.

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